What We Do

Who Are we?

We are Consumer Lawyers and Legal Consultants.

We are a purely internet-based legal consultancy firm in the Western Cape that provides legal advice, agreed-on legal services and paralegal services throughout the country and, indeed, to some clients overseas. 

We are not attorneys or registered legal practitioners. We are legal consultants, advisors, brokers, case managers and paralegal practitioners. 

We handle your case ourselves and use our attorneys only when necessary, where our primary focus is on Consumer Law, and we specialise in this legal field.

“As a Consumer, I have the right to information that is available to me.”

James Meeks

Excellent Track Record

Since 2004

As Consumer Lawyers and Legal Consultants, we specialise in Consumer Law and the Consumer Protection Act No 68 of 2008, particularly defective motor vehicles, patent and latent defects in purchasing immovable property and the early termination of lease agreements.

Consumer Guides

We specialise in the purchase of defective vehicles, early termination of lease agreements, in patent and latent defects in purchase immoveable property and eviction.

Did your dream car turn into a lemon?

Do you need to return the car to the seller?

Can I Cancel My Lease Early, Before Contract End?

What are your rights as a tenant in South Africa?

Bought what you thought was your dream home?

Did you find latent and patent defects later?

Communication is Key

We only interact with our clients via phone and email, and this modus operandi saves you time and money and provides you with quick, professional, and efficient service.

We do all of the background legal and paralegal work ourselves. We use our appointed panel of legal practitioners throughout South Africa only when necessary.

When using our panel legal practitioners, they strictly follow our and our client’s specific instructions, and only in respect of legal services which must be attended to by duly registered and admitted legal practitioners at the applicable court.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

It is always advisable for you to seek prompt, proper and professional legal advice and services when dealing with complicated legal and factual issues. It takes a trained and experienced legal mind to find the correct answer.

What do you need?

The Legal Advice Office offers legal advice, opinions, and legal/paralegal services in respect of the following:

  • Consumer Law is our speciality

We also provide advice in these categories:

  • Civil Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Property Law
  • Labour & Employment Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Deceased Estates
  • Insurance Law
  • Personal Injury Law

“They Always Say That Time Changes Things, But You Actually Have To Change Them Yourself.”

Andy Warhol