Did your dream car turn into a lemon?

Do You Need To Return The Car To The Seller?

Dream to Nightmare

You found a bargain and ordered your dream car. Blowing your savings was worth it. Until…

Car problems left you stranded. Your dream has turned into a nightmare!

Do You Feel Powerless?

If you feel powerless, read on!

Chances Are, You Feel Frustrated

Now you have transport problems. You’ve been late to work more than once. Repair costs are high. The seller doesn’t want to take responsibility and it feels like there’s nothing you can do!

You Are Not Alone!

Don’t make a mistake now that can cost you thousands or maybe tens of thousands of Rands. Proper legal advice is available.

Help is at hand.

You’re Asking: “What Can I Do?”

Start by downloading this Defective Motor Vehicle – Legal Options Consumer Guide.

Knowledge is Power

Read The Consumer Guide

Read this guide before you give any instruction to the seller or dealership.

The Consumer Protection Act, the common law and the consumer law protect you if you act quickly.

Be practical in making your decision on how to proceed.

Download Lemon Car Consumer Guide