What Are Your Rights As A Tenant In South Africa?

Did You Receive An Eviction Notice?

What Are My Rights As A Tenant?

What are your rights as a tenant if there is no lease agreement in place or if you receive an eviction notice?

Talk to us today about what you can do about your eviction order.

Scared to be thrown out?

You were ordered to vacate the premises, but you have nowhere to go.
The landlord sent you an eviction notice that orders you to leave. You’re at your wits end.
The last thing you want to do is see your family on the street.
Don’t give up without a fight.

You Are Not Alone!

Proper legal advice is available.
We can help you understand the eviction laws
You’re Asking: “What Can I Do?”
Start by contacting us to discuss your Eviction Notice and your situation.
Learn what your legal options are.
Don’t give up without knowing your rights.

Knowledge is Power

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