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  • municipal debt unconstitutional

    Does a seller’s historical Municipal debt “travel” with the property into the hands of the purchaser?

    An important judgment was handed down by the Constitutional Court on the 29th August 2017 in the matter between Chantelle Jordaan and Others versus the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality and Others under case numbers: CCT 283/16; 293/16 and 294/16.

    This judgment should be noted by all property owners, estate agents, conveyancers and local authorities.

  • Drunken driving 2

     The reality is that the arrest of a person doesn’t necessarily only happen to violent or hardened criminals

    Below is an email to The Legal Advice Office from last Thursday.

     “ The son of a friend of mine was arrested two weekends ago In Rondebosch (Cape Town) for drunk driving and this has been quite a traumatic experience for her and her family to get their son released on bail. I have to admit I know nothing about bail or the bail process and I am worried that I won’t know what to do if, heaven forbid, my own child be arrested on some future occasion.

    Please advise as to how bail works and what one needs to know and do in these circumstances.”

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