Want To Cancel Your Commercial Lease Early?

Learn What You Rights Are In South Africa?

What Are My Rights If I Have A Commercial Lease Agreement?

What Are My Rights As A Commercial Tenant?

What are your rights as a commercial tenant if you need to cancel early?

Early Commercial Lease Termination

You are renting a commercial space and can’t afford the rent anymore. Business is slow or even non-existent and you can’t afford your commercial lease.
You are looking for information about your tenant rights in South Africa. Does the Consumer Protection Act protect you as a commercial tenant or not?
The landlord is unreasonable and doesn’t want to let you end the lease early. You’re at your wits end.
You need legal advice. Different rules apply for different situations.

You Are Not Alone!

Proper legal advice is available. We can help you understand what the rules are for commercial contracts.
We can help you understand if the consumer protection law can help you.
You’re Asking: “What Can I Do?”

Start by downloading this Cancel Lease Early  Consumer Guide.

Learn what your legal options are. Don’t give up without understanding your rights.

Knowledge is Power

Read The Consumer Guide

Read this guide before you give any instructions to the lessor or agent.

The Consumer Protection Act, the common law and the consumer law protect you if you act quickly.

Be practical in making your decision on how to proceed.

Download Commercial Lease Consumer Guide