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The Legal Advice Office offers affordable Legal Advice as well as Legal and Paralegal Services throughout South Africa.
Our legal advice and services are based on 40 years of experience in the professional legal field. As a purely internet based legal consultancy business, we pride ourselves in personal, professional and efficient service at affordable rates and undertake to revert to our clients within 48 hours of their query being received by us.

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  • I just bought a Defective Motor Vehicle. What are my remedies?
    Hundreds of cars are bought and sold each day in the RSA. If you bought a vehicle that is either defective or damaged or not fit for its intended purpose; what can you do about it? Here is a case
  • Help! I need a divorce.
    What do I need to do? An often heard plea. Every working day hundreds of people get divorced throughout the
  • What do I do if I am arrested?
    People get arrested in South Africa every day. Normally the SAPS will only arrest a person when a serious crime is involved; but this is not always the rule and people are arrested even for what one would think are minor offences like shoplifting of reckless driving. If this should happen to you;
  • How do I cancel a sale agreement?
    What grounds do I need to cancel a sale? What process must I follow? We get enquiries on a regular basis from people who after they have bought an item are unhappy with the
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